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Upcycled Plastic


Upcycled Plastic is produced through a new method where 5 recycled plastic water bottles are repurposed, or “upcycled” into a frame. The fabrication process begins with the plastic bottles being manually separated and selected. Next, the recycled waste is washed thoroughly and cut into chips. The chips are pressed into small pellets, then melted down and injected into a frame.

Plant-Based Resin


Plant-Based Resin is made from castor-bean oil, a cleaner alternative to standard petroleum-based plastics. Throughout its portfolio, Altair is introducing 45% Plant- Based Resin for lightweight and durable, quality frames. The process begins when the castor plants are harvested for their beans. Oil is pressed from the beans and turned into pellets which are melted and injected into eyewear frames.

Responsible Acetate


Responsible Acetate frames are made using cellulose acetate, featuring over 60% Bio-Based materials, a more natural alternative to traditional plastics. Put simply, the term Bio-Based describes the natural and organic origin of material. The main raw material is cellulose acetate, deriving from wood and a plasticizer made of plant-based raw materials, unlike the traditional petrol-based plasticizer.

Magnesium Alloy


Magnesium Alloy is a new material made of magnesium and aluminum, featured across some of our proprietary and licensed brands. Offering the highest strength and lightest metal in the eyewear category, Magnesium Alloy is extremely durable and lightweight. Additionally, the material is hypoallergenic and resists corrosion – making these frames designed to last.

Bio Based Lenses


BioRay is made from an ecological resin derived from castor oil, taking its energy from renewable biomass. The castor oil is extracted from the castor seeds by a mechanical pressing process, then processed into BioRay lenses. This unique material made with 44% biomass content is a cleaner alternative to traditional oil-based plastics. Colorwise, lenses can be made as solid, gradient, mirror, or polarized coated lenses.

Elimination of PVC


Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVC as it’s commonly known, is a synthetic material that is bad for our health and our environment. PVC is also the optical industry standard for nose pads. Marchon Eyewear has eliminated the use of PVC in all of our proprietary and licensed brand frames.


Nickel-free treatments have been implemented across Marchon’s brands. By eliminating the use of nickel in its frames, Marchon is committed to using materials that are better for the wearer’s health and the environment.